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Plan and conduct meetings of the Association related to state and local tax subjects. Solicit, review, and recommend material on state and local taxation for publications by the Association.


  • Plan and present SALT related continuing education programs as needed.
  • Arrange meetings with state tax administrators and with Michigan House Tax Policy and Senate Finance committees.
  • Review state and local tax developments, current litigation, and specific problem areas and take action to inform legislators, members, and others as required.
  • Evaluate proposed legislation related to technical aspects of state and local taxation and recommend action to be taken with the Legislative Action Task Force and Governmental Advisory Committee.
  • Prepare and submit articles to the MICPA editorial staff for the State and Local Tax Clinic column in The Michigan CPA magazine, fax-on-demand and the MICPA Web site.
  • Review and discuss state and local tax return forms, instructions and related procedural matters with appropriate state officials.
  • Evaluate and comment on proposed state taxation rules and regulations to appropriate state officials.
  • Develop administrative interpretations and legislative proposals needed to supplement and clarify present state tax laws or rules and submit to the Legislative Action Task Force or the Board of Directors as appropriate.
  • Coordinate with the Tax Section of the Michigan State Bar Association on matters of mutual interest in the area of state and local taxation.
  • Participate on a program committee to design, plan and present two annual accounting and auditing conferences for tax practitioners.


The task force requirement is to attend at least 50% of the scheduled task force meeting either via conference call or in person.


Sep 01, 2023 - Aug 31, 2024

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